Project Management Software

Anybody who is sad enough to followed my Twitter account (@edenvaleyoung) might have fleetingly noticed that we were granted a clean bill of health in our recent ISO 9001 external audit but if the tweet escaped your attention I'm not surprised.

The reason why we passed with flying colours is a little more interesting and has a lot to do with our new Pi-Tau management software. Last year we reviewed commercially available software but none of the cheaper packages fitted our needs and the ones that did were prohibitively expensive. So we built our own management system. It has now been operational for twelve months but what we didn't expect was the commercial interest in the software. Two organisations have already bought packages on a trial basis.

The Pi-Tau management system reflects the fact that the life of our projects extends from the preparation of a proposal \ tender through project implementation to completion and customer feedback. For us Pi-Tau mean that we can track individual projects and provides a company overview comprising:-

  • Client data including addresses, email and contact details; Project agreements, staff costs, invoicing, expenses and change control.
  • Assignment of Project Managers and Project Reviewers; Sales management including the costs of preparing proposals, likelihood of success and projections of potential future workload
  • Timesheet entry, staff costs, staff utilisation, overtime, annual leave, flexi-time and expenses;
  • Project specific milestones such as tendering, start-up, issue & completion dates;
  • Suppliers and sub-contractors including invoicing and payment

The software brings all this data together into a series of dashboards so that we are able to:

  • Examine the daily status of our live and completed jobs
  • Track invoicing and payment
  • Identify projects which require careful monitoring,
  • Evaluate workload existing and assess future work pipelines.

Accordingly, Company Directors, and Project Managers are able to assess the daily status of any projects within the company. The system is also used to evaluate compliance with the QMS system and allows rapid auditing in accordance with ISO 9001. Importantly this has allowed us to ensure that there is a common approach across all projects with excellent reporting in terms of cost and programme. For more information please contact Gerald at