Surprisingly Similar Flood Risk Mapping

Last year Edenvale Young and CH2M were awarded the Chippenham Modelling and Mapping Study by the Environment Agency as part of the WEM Framework. As an innovative addition to an already complex project, EVY worked in conjunction with Riverdene Consultancy to apply hydro-geomorphological mapping methods developed in France to investigate whether they could be used on British catchments.

Dr Marc Naura and Laurent Mathieu of Riverdene consulting undertook the geomorphological mapping with Edenvale Young building the FMP-TUFLOW hydraulic model. In conjunction with Matthew Fox they will present and compare the results of the two methods. However, without giving too much away the results were surprisingly similar.

The hydro-geomorphological study took a fraction of the time that the hydraulic modelling took and has been produced results that were very similar. The primary datasets used for the analysis was stereoscopic aerial photography and LiDAR. These data were analysed in conjunction with a site visit to refine the delineation of the boundaries.

enter image description here

The overarching aim of undertaking this analysis was to determine whether hydro-geomorphological mapping could be an effective pre-cursor to detailed hydraulic modelling as is done in France and also be used as a sensibility check on modelling results. A joint approach would then ultimately be able to improve the understanding of flood risk for much of the UK.

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