Dr Whitlow in Sri Lanka

Chris has returned to Sri Lanka on a number of occasions since December, most recently he was accompanied by our colleague Andrea Goodmansen. Both are now on annual leave and catching up with their respective families, however, I hope to have an update on their Sri Lanka adventures when they return.

7th December 2016

On Monday, Chris was out in the field to teach the counterpart staff about flow gauging and what to look for in a gauge. His partner in crime Matt Scott, multi tasks as he juggles his flow gauge whilst giving a good talk.

Doesn't he look magnificent!

<Matt juggling a flow meter Whilst visiting the Kitulgala gauging station Chris valiantly fed the local wildlife and two leeches are now replete and none the worse for wear after ingesting vintage Whitlow blood. However, our intrepid hero felt that he might not come off too well, if he fed the monitor lizard who came to investigate and decided to hot foot it across a rope bridge.

As you can see, he looks well after his generous blood donation. Chris explains how Chris and co finished the day reviewing the latest rain gauge design in Sri Lanka whilst enjoying some excellent single estate tea. We have been promised photos, albeit mainly to make us jealous.